Are you a Manitoba resident, over the age of 21, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, with an interest in computers?

Level IT Up, Inc. promotes and supports the mutual benefits of connecting skilled consultants with autism spectrum disorder to Manitoba’s tech sector/ICT businesses.  Our Lego Mindstorm events allow us to know you and you get to know us.

Join us for one of our Lego Hangouts with Lego® Mindstorm® EV3!

September 12, 2019 – 6 to 9 PM

September 15, 2019 – 1 to 4 PM

SMD – 825 Sherbrook St.

Register today – limit of 6 participants per session.

For more information phone 204.807.7295 or email [email protected]



  • Myth

    You can tell someone has ASD just by looking at them.


    ASD is not characterized by differences in physical appearance. You may notice differences in how a person with ASD moves, dresses, or behaves that reflect challenges with gross and fine motor coordination, sensory sensitivity to clothing, and lack of eye contact, but in general, you cannot identify more
  • Myth

    Those with ASD must have a strict routine and cannot adapt to change.


    Repetitive behaviour may include arm or hand-flapping, finger-flicking, rocking, jumping, spinning or twirling, head-banging and complex body movements. You may also see the repetitive use of an object, such as flicking a rubber band or twirling a piece of string, or repetitive activities involving more
  • Myth

    Children with ASD outgrow it as they age.


    ASD is a neurodevelopmental “disorder” – the brain circuitry develops differently and how it processes information is also different than in a neurotypical brain. While we continue to learn about neuroplasticity and how early intervention and skill training can help many with ASD overcome some more