Nelson B

Nelson has formal training in Network Administration and experience in providing tech support in a variety of situations and circumstances. He is personable, even tempered, and willing and eager to learn new things. He is always looking for ways to upgrade his skill profile to meet emerging demands in the tech sector as evidenced by his certifications in CompTIA A+ and Comp TIA Network+.

Daniel C

Daniel is a skilled and experienced software developer with formal training from Red River College and University of Winnipeg. His diverse set of skills, as well as his ability to quickly learn and acquire new skills, will make him competent for any development projects, even if he does not have first-hand experience with the technology involved.


Damon has training, skills and experience in both customer service and computer accounting/bookkeeping. He is personable and prefers to work out of his well equipped home office in Winnipeg. Damon’s areas of strength lie in his mindfulness, cooperative and collaborative spirit and he does his best work when there are clear expectations, processes, priorities provided. Once these are in place, he is able to problem solve, multi-task and achieve the desired quality standards for the tasks set before him.

Daniel S

Daniel has an advanced education in physics, with additional skills and knowledge of nanotechnology, software development, curriculum development and delivery and private tutoring. Daniel is looking for meaningful employment where his wide-ranging knowledge is an asset and his meticulous and methodical nature valued.


Devin is highly motivated and personable with great customer service skills. A self-led learner, Devin is looking for an entry-level position with the potential to grow and evolve in his role as he learns and gains more skills and knowledge.