Neurodiversity 101

This is a great post from ONGIG that provides some information on what neurodiversity is…and what it isn’t. It also speaks to many different initiatives led by some major corporations promoting and supporting greater neurodiversity in their recruitment and hiring processes.  Definitely worth a read! Click here to learn more.

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Video Interviews – the wave of the future in a post-pandemic world

Check out this recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press.  It speaks to changes in the job interview process as a result of the pandemic. More and more companies are using virtual or video interviews to screen job candidates.  These interviews require a few considerations that include: attention to your personal appearance – dress for…

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First Hand Perspectives on Neurodiversity, Employment and the Pandemic

Rachel Worsley, an Australian living with ASD, has a busy work schedule…. She’s the CEO of Neurodiversity Media, an editor and a neurodiversity advocate. Most of her work can be managed online but she’s finding it harder to manage the social side of things in lockdown as an autistic adult. She shares her perspective on…

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autism spelled out on letter blocks

Tips for Individuals with ASD as They Prepare for Employment

Common barriers to employment experienced by those with ASD The importance of routine Hygiene Getting along with others Asking for help Clear communication strategies Knowing yourself Selling yourself The job interview First impressions do matter The value of a handshake Answering questions concisely and clearly Open ended versus close ended questions Different interview styles and…

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An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum

The Autism Spectrum is a form of neurodiversity – that is, a variation in how someone perceives and responds to the world around them due to a wide range of factors including differences in brain structure and functioning. With a prevalence of one in 68, it is quite likely you know or know of someone…

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5 Tips for ASD in the Workplace

Consider a few of the challenges of managing any workforce and workplace: Miscommunication between and among colleagues can lead to lack of productivity and a feeling of disconnection Miscommunication between teams and supervisors can lead to challenges with project completion and meeting client specifications Lighting, ambient sound, proximity of workstations can lead to stress among…

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Coping with change in a time of uncertainty

Recent events have shown us how life as we know it can change seemingly overnight.  We are developing a better understanding and appreciation for the stress this causes us as we adjust to working remotely, being laid off or with increasing work demands.  The stress we feel now may be something that is a regularly…

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