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Junior Software Developer

Junior Software Developer

Alyssa has completed the software developer program at MITT, additional training in Typescript and Vue, and is looking for an entry level position as a software developer. She is an excellent performer in the areas of math and logic-based problem solving and can work either alone or as part of a team depending upon assigned role, responsibilities and tasks. Her recent internship at Neovation with her subsequent term employment provided her with the confidence and experience she needs to proceed in her career as an IT professional.

Summary of Mind Map Results

Mind Map is a tool used by Level IT Up to determine job fit.

Work Ethic: She is a perfectionist who likes to take the time to ensure the end result will meet or exceed expectations.

Approaching Tasks: She reviews the tasks set before her and works methodically to complete her work. She is a lifelong learner who is good at mastering new areas of knowledge and performance.

Accuracy: Excellent with mathematical and logical tasks.

Efficiency: Within a teamwork setting, works well to complete assigned tasks on time; when working alone, likes to take the time to ensure results meet expectations

Proficiency: Excellent related to math, logic and concrete tasks.

Mindfulness: Mindful of self and others. Works well in a team setting.

Involvement: Once task goals and expectations are clarified, can work well both alone or in a team setting.

Authority and Teamwork: Alyssa works well in and environment where there is strong leadership and clear expectations.


She will benefit from having a mentor to guide her as she begins a new position. She works well with others or alone. Check in regularly to reinforce a common understanding of goals, troubleshoot processes and encourage use of breaks.