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Level It Up job seekers have natural abilities which make them better at tasks requiring attention to detail, pattern recognition, creative problem solving and logical reasoning These innate skills allow them to excel in many roles within STEAM. Our job seekers will be among the most honest, loyal and committed people you ever employ, reducing turn-over and training costs.

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All of our Available Candidates are on the Autism Spectrum, and each one has uniquely powerful abilities that make them precise, exceptional and diligent.

Our expert Staff ensure that our job seekers and Business Clients are supported every step of the way and we can provide you with the tools to successfully include these exceptional people into your corporate culture.


Staff Recruitment • Provision of candidate shortlist and supports during the screening and hiring process.

Staff Retention • Transition supports for new and pre-existing staff with Autism Spectrum, changing roles and responsibilities within a company.

Corporate Consultation • Consultation, evaluation and support for employers related to pre-existing staff with Autism Spectrum.

Staff Assessment & Training • Assessment and training for pre-existing staff with Autism Spectrum, followed by a final report with results and actionable recommendations.

Breakfast and Lunch & Learn Presentations • ‘Autism Spectrum in the Workplace’ awareness training for employers and staff.

Conference Workshops • Presentations on topics related to Autism Spectrum in the workplace, the Level It Up model and process, supporting staff with Autism Spectrum etc.

Success Stories


In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Damon was laid off from his job at a call centre after 5 y of full time employment with glowing performance reviews. This came as quite a blow to his self-confidence and required major changes in his work/life schedule and balance. While Damon qualified for the Canadian…

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine." - Alan Turing


Check out these links, documents and resources.

This is a list of resources that provide concrete steps, tips and tools employers will find helpful in recruiting, interviewing, selecting, onboarding and supporting the ongoing learning and development of staff with neurodiversity.

Success in the Workplace Employer Toolkit

Autism@Work Program

Neurodiversity at Work

For additional resources related to Autism Spectrum follow the link below:


Level It Up can provide workshops to staff and community that are related to Autism Spectrum and employment. In addition, there are many great resources online and in your local bookstore. Some of these are listed below, but many more are just a click away! It is important to keep in mind that every individual with Autism Spectrum is unique, and their skills and abilities profile, coupled with their accommodation needs, should be reflected in any employment situation. The onboarding process may take a little longer, but clarified roles, responsibilities and communication pathways have been helpful to others in the workplace when an individual with Autism Spectrum joins the team.

The Employer’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome

Asperger Syndrome Workplace Survival Guide

A Parent’s Guide to Employment for Adults with Autism Spectrum

The Level It Up social enterprise concept came out of similar ventures already hard at work in Canada and around the world.  Using and adapting business frameworks from Meticulon in Calgary, Mindshift, in Fargo, and many others, an initial business plan for Level It Up was developed and a feasibility study completed. 

With a committed board of directors and the support of many local businesses in Winnipeg’s information and communications technology sector, the model is being tested and the future looks bright.

In time, Level It Up will further evolve to support a wider range of individuals with neurodevelopmental difference in additional business sectors including, accounting, engineering, science and technology, etc. where their unique advantages (attention to detail, intense focus, excellent rote memory, pattern recognition, etc.) can be used to their greatest advantage.

Contact President Anne Kresta or any one of our board members to learn more about our business concept and how it might benefit you or someone you know.

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) is a landmark piece of legislation that became law in 2013.  It commits to removing barriers to accessibility in the areas of customer service, employment, transportation, information and communication, and the built environment.  Standards are being developed to support this legislation with increased public awareness and knowledge of how to support and encourage diversity in all aspects of community life.  Level It Up will serve as a resource for employers to learn how to better accommodate neurodiversity and will also serve as a source of new hires as these businesses diversify their workforces.  Learn more +