In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, Damon was laid off from his job at a call centre after 5 y of full time employment with glowing performance reviews. This came as quite a blow to his self-confidence and required major changes in his work/life schedule and balance.
While Damon qualified for the Canadian Economic Recovery Benefit and Employment Insurance, his is driven to work, to continue contributing to his community and to finding new roles where his skills and aptitudes can be applied.
Damon is a personable young man who has served for many years on the Asperger Manitoba Inc. board of directors and recently joined its adult peer support group. During his unemployment, he has added value to these, providing a first person perspective  and lending his expertise with Twitch and Discord to launch channels dedicated to those with ASD in Manitoba. He has also participated in provincial and national projects developing resources for those with ASD by those with ASD. You can check them out here.

Over the past year, Level IT Up worked with Damon to build his confidence, develop his profile, hone his resume and interviewing skills and supported him as he considered, applied for and interviewed for various customer service roles in a range of companies.
Level IT Up also directly reached out to employers looking for Damon’s skillset and and provided some initial training to staff related to autism awareness and appreciation.
We are happy to report that Damon recently secured a fulltime term position with 24/7 In Touch working in the Manitoba vaccine call center. While this role is initially set to last for the next 8 months, Damon has committed to making himself indispensable to 24/7 In Touch so that future work at 24/7 In Touch will flow from this opportunity.
Congratulations Damon on your new job and congratulations 24/7 In Touch for your new hire.  May your professional relationship be long and prosperous!