Success story - Violet

Violet completed her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg, where she excelled in her studies. Through working with Level IT Up, Violet was able to affirm her employability skills in the tech sector, gain some confidence and was quickly snapped up by Bitspace as a full-time software developer in March 2019. Since then, Violet has successfully launched two mobile apps and has been leading a weekly office crochet club.



Ryan is originally from Brandon, Manitoba. He came to Level IT Up after completing his Master’s Degree at the University of Regina but was struggling with job interviews and placement. Through the Level IT Up training and assessment process as well as mock interviews, Ryan was able to gain the confidence to match his amazing skills and abilities. He moved to Winnipeg after successfully securing employment with Canada Life (previously known as Great West Life). Level IT Up helped him as he adjusted to the workplace and the expectations of his new employer. He has been with Canada Life for over a year now, recently moving from a term to a permanent full time position within the company. We are very proud of Ryan and his accomplishments and look forward to seeing what the future brings him.


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Kevin recently returned to Canada after spending much of his childhood years in Portugal. He was highly motivated to find employment that would match his particular skill set and interests in the tech sector, while also looking for something that would accommodate his needs related to ASD. Through working with Level IT Up, Kevin was able to better prepare for job interviews and learn more about employment in Manitoba. He found a great starter position with Skip the Dishes and has been using the skills developed through Level IT Up as he moves into different roles there.


Grayson came to Level IT Up to seek help while preparing to enter a new tech-related program at Red River College in September 2020. Through the Level IT Up training and assessment process, Grayson discovered the areas where he excelled and where he struggled when it came to tech skills and abilities. While he maintained a part-time position working in a childcare centre, Grayson worked through the training process at Skip the Dishes for a second part-time position. Through this experience, Grayson will be able to explore and develop the skills he will need as he moves forward in his career. Level IT Up has assisted Grayson as he navigated the part-time schedule and worked alongside the wonderfully supportive staff at Skip the Dishes to come up with a solution that works for everyone.  Since then he has elected to leave Skip and pursue other options while awaiting the start of his Red River College programming later in 2020.