Nelson came to Level IT Up as a recent graduate of Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology’s Certificate program in Network and Computer Technology. With his previous work experience in the Geek Squad and as a Courtesy Clerk at Safeway/Sobeys, Nelson no only brought with him the technical skills needed for work in the tech sector, but also had great soft skills related to working with others. Through the training and assessment process, Nelson showed a strong preference for work in an environment where there are clear, concrete and concise expectations and instructions and worked very well in group settings.

As Nelson completed his training and assessment, an interesting opportunity for work at Parian Logistics came forward which required strong attention to detail, cooperating and collaborating with others, and troubleshooting hardware and logistical issues. During the walking interview, Nelson was able to spot and correct one of the problems on the floor and impressed those who were both interviewing and meeting him for the first time.

Nelson was hired and began work almost immediately. He continues to showcase his attention to detail, unique problem solving abilities and collaborative nature. Parian Logistics has also proved itself to be an rewarding and supportive work environment where employee needs are anticipated and addressed swiftly and employee engagement is of the utmost importance. Our thanks to Melissa Yankoski, HR Generalist at Parian Logistics, who has been a great contact and champion of workplace diversity. And congratulations to Nelson for his ongoing success at Parian!


Chris recently began working at Pricerazzi after completing the Level IT Up training and assessment process. He easy going nature coupled with amazing attention to detail, endurance and perseverence through both challenging and mundane tasks make him a great fit for the customer services representative position with this company. We are excited to see how well he will do in this new position.


Success story - Violet

Violet completed her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Winnipeg, where she excelled in her studies. Through working with Level IT Up, Violet was able to affirm her employability skills in the tech sector, gain some confidence and was quickly snapped up by Bitspace as a full-time software developer in March 2019. Since then, Violet has successfully launched two mobile apps and has been leading a weekly office crochet club.



Ryan is originally from Brandon, Manitoba. He came to Level IT Up after completing his Master’s Degree at the University of Regina but was struggling with job interviews and placement. Through the Level IT Up training and assessment process as well as mock interviews, Ryan was able to gain the confidence to match his amazing skills and abilities. He moved to Winnipeg after successfully securing employment with Canada Life (previously known as Great West Life). Level IT Up helped him as he adjusted to the workplace and the expectations of his new employer. He has been with Canada Life for over a year now, recently moving from a term to a permanent full time position within the company. We are very proud of Ryan and his accomplishments and look forward to seeing what the future brings him.