Jon B

Jon has extensive professional and personal experience and knowledge related to software development, network administration and computer technician roles. He is dedicated to life-long learning and will appreciate a workplace where there are opportunities for professional development and advancement.

Alex S

Alex has great customer service skills and enjoys troubleshooting issues related to both computer software and hardware as well as network support. He is an experienced service technician with added expertise in 3-D printing and in developing merchandising planograms - A quick learner who can succeed in both independent and team work settings


Christopher comes to Winnipeg with experience and expertise related to financial analysis, payroll management, risk management and risk adherence in the finance sector. He is interested in either continuing his career within the world of finance and banking or moving into other opportunities where his knowledge and understanding of business and financial management will be an asset.


Alyssa has completed the software developer program at MITT, additional training in Typescript and Vue, and is looking for an entry level position as a software developer. She is an excellent performer in the areas of math and logic-based problem solving and can work either alone or as part of a team depending upon assigned role, responsibilities and tasks.


Damon has extensive training, skills and experience in both customer service and computer accounting/bookkeeping. He is personable and prefers to work out of his well equipped home office in Winnipeg. Damon’s areas of strength lie in his mindfulness, cooperative and collaborative spirit and he does his best work when there are clear expectations, processes, priorities provided. Once these are in place, he is able to problem solve, multi-task and achieve the desired quality standards for the tasks set before him.

Daniel C

Daniel is a skilled and experienced software developer with formal training from Red River College and University of Winnipeg. His diverse set of skills, as well as his ability to quickly learn and acquire new skills, will make him competent for any development projects, even if he does not have first-hand experience with the technology involved.