Alyssa has completed the software developer program at MITT, additional training in Typescript and Vue, and is looking for an entry level position as a software developer. She is an excellent performer in the areas of math and logic-based problem solving and can work either alone or as part of a team depending upon assigned role, responsibilities and tasks. Her recent internship at Neovation with her subsequent term employment provided her with the confidence and experience she needs to proceed in her career as an IT professional.

Dean P

Dean is a new, award-winning, graduate from the University of Manitoba’s Computer Science Program. He has a keen interest and excellent performance/achievements in a wide range of subject areas. He also enjoys gaming and organizing and convening role playing games with a network of friends and acquaintances.

Jamie S

Jamie comes with a rich and varied employment history in both retail and administrative support roles. She is a quick study with a background in Anthropology, English and History. She has excellent organizational skills and is both an analytical and critical thinker with a logical approach to problem solving.

Shane L

Shane has a background and training in Computer Science and Anthropology from Brandon University. He enjoys project work that allows him to expand his experience and knowledge in app development and coding. He enjoys a predictable schedule with some variation in routine and expectations.