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Available Candidates

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Jeremy V

Software Developer

Jeremy has formal training in Software Engineering with an interest in visual design and coding. He is a calm presence, even-tempered, willing and eager to learn new things and is always looking for ways to upgrade his skill profile to meet emerging demands in the tech sector. He currently works as the technology manager in…

Carl T

Web Developer

Carl has formal training in Business Information Technology with an interest in web development, working both independently and as a valued team member. He is experienced and comfortable working with tight schedules, ensuring customer satisfaction with the finished product. Summary of Mind Map Results Mind Map is a tool used by Level IT Up to…

Mihai L

Business Analyst

Mihai is an international candidate who lived in the United Kingdom for 11 years and moved to Winnipeg in November 2022, on a temporary open work permit. In addition to his past work experience in performance analysis and as an MIS administrator, he has a Bachelor degree in Economic Studies in Marketing (2009). He has…


Junior Software Developer

Alyssa has completed the software developer program at MITT, additional training in Typescript and Vue, and is looking for an entry level position as a software developer. She is an excellent performer in the areas of math and logic-based problem solving and can work either alone or as part of a team depending upon assigned…

Daniel S

Data Analyst/Physicist/Tutor

With a PhD in Physics, Daniel is a highly academic thinker and has extensive knowledge in a wide range of areas including data analysis, theoretical physics, nano-technology, software development, and curriculum development.  See his portfolio here:  https://medium.com/@mbschindel13/daniel-schindel-data-analyst-portfolio-9aab30fcc0ec Summary of Mind Map Results Accommodation:   Daniel works best understanding the meaning and motivation behind the work he is…