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Cameron J

Software Developer/Software Engineer

Software Developer/Software Engineer

Cameron is a highly motivated and accomplished newly graduated software developer. He has gained a lot of subject matter knowledge through both his university studies and self-led gaming app development projects. He is able to work well both independently and with others in an agile environment. He is able to bring innovative and unique problem solving and critical thinking skills to both his work and group work processes.

Relevant Skills and Experience

Accomplished programmer in a variety of languages including Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, and familiar with markup languages such as HTML, CSS

Experienced with use of Github, Godot Game Engine, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code

Familiar with Spring Boot, Vue and bootstrap frameworks as well as Windows, Linux and Android Operating Systems.

Experienced at implementing user interfaces using design principles and careful consideration of user experience

Able to analyze codebases across the entire stack to track down bugs and defects in programming

Has designed algorithms with a careful consideration to performance and expected load

Completed Projects

BookWyrm (Software Engineering II, Web Application Project)

  • Used object orientation to extend third-party UI components and add necessary functionality
  • Developed user friendly webpage UX design using the Vue framework
  • Altered frontend data storage for ease of use.
  • Used critical-thinking and team collaboration skills to develop solutions to successfully meet project deadlines.

Operation Squabble (Personal Project)

  • Learned and used GD script programming language
  • Created a 3D arcade-action game for Android using the Godot Game Engine
  • Consulted with professionals within the game development industry regarding game design, copyright, etc.

Summary of Mind Map Results

Mind Map is a tool used by Level IT Up to determine job fit.

Work Ethic: Cameron is a highly motivated and accomplished software developer. He is persistent and dedicated to achieving optimal results in all he does.

Approaching Tasks: Independently or as part of a team, can help identify priorities, is able to learn new skills and apply them to completing his assigned tasks

Accuracy: Very good attention to detail, and excellent at delivering expected results with clear and common understanding of work expectations

Efficiency: Very good with familiar tasks and processes. May require additional time to learn and master novel tasks and processes as he onboards or evolves in his professional career.

Proficiency: Proficient with a number of languages, processes and work methodologies. Able to independently learn and master new languages and processes as needed.

Mindfulness: Prior customer service experience has instilled strong mindfulness skills regarding interactions with others. He has cultivated and continues to develop his mindfulness towards himself, how he experiences the autism spectrum and how he can work around and with his many attributes and qualities.

Involvement: Cameron is able to work both independently and in agile team environments.

Authority and Teamwork: Cameron will benefit from strong leadership/mentorship as he begins his professional career and works well with others. Ensure a common understanding of roles and responsibilities as well as work expectations and goals.


To optimize his performance on the job, Cameron will benefit from a separate workspace/desk, the use of noise-cancelling headphones and clear communication to ensure a common understanding of expectations and goals.

Education and Training

University of Manitoba – 2023

Bachelor of Science Degree (Software Engineering)

Software Engineering I, Software Engineering II, Object Orientation, Distributed Computing, Human Computer Interaction