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Video Interviews – the wave of the future in a post-pandemic world

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Check out this recent article in the Winnipeg Free Press.  It speaks to changes in the job interview process as a result of the pandemic. More and more companies are using virtual or video interviews to screen job candidates.  These interviews require a few considerations that include:

  • attention to your personal appearance – dress for success, even if you are not interviewing in person
  • attention to where you are taking the interview – are you in a space that is free from background noise and distractions?
  • taking the time to answer the questions thoughtfully and concisely – it is more difficult to establish a “friendly atmosphere” when on a zoom call so pay close attention to your tone of voice and how you answer all the questions – engage in eye contact as much as possible and exhibit an open posture in front of the camera

While those on the autism spectrum do struggle with the softer social skills associated with the interviewing process, they tend to do better when answering technical, skills-based questions.  It is time to take a closer look at your resume and ensure it is up to date and provides links to examples of your work, highlighting job-related skills and accomplishments.

If you are unsure of what those may be, perhaps we can help.  Contact us to learn more about our training and assessment process.  And if you are an employer, consider the advantage that those with AS bring to the virtual workplace – self-led learners, able to work independently and with a strong focus on the details may just fit the bill when you are thinking about your current workforce needs.



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